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Does MyLot still pays?
Published By arcideaco on 2013-05-11 203 Views

The answer is no. MyLot has made an annoucement sometime in early May 2013 that it has been "Re-imagined". The concept is to convert MyLot into a full pledge social networking website instead of a get paid to post site like it was for many years. The key point is that - It does not pay anymore.

Formerly, MyLot has been paying, always on time to members based on the number of contributions made in terms of comment and starting a discussion. A forum-like website has been changed. This sudden and abrupt change has caught many people who have been earning for donkey years there by surprise. Utterly dismayed, many were still in both oblivion and disbelieve.

We are nearing the middle of May 2013 and there are still many asking whether MyLot still pays. Bad news is, the decision is final and the site has already been "Re-imagined" and the new look of MyLot has been implemented.

Well, there is still some consolation to this bad news to many, its that MyLot will make the final payment for those members whom had managed to accumulate more than $5 in their account. The payment would be made sometime later in May 2013.

But for most of the former contributors there, it is a very bad news because most of them, as I observed had been logging on to post to make some decent income on a daily basis. It was like their job, their lives.

Consequently, this change has caused many members to leave the site.

But personally, I think this change is a matter of time. It will come, the business has already made a good base of members and by switching it into a pure social networking site could may well turn it into a site that makes good income with good and decent traffic. But we are not sure whether the site will survive in years to come. But posting and self promoting links are allowed now and that may be their only hope of survival. A trade-off, I would say by being less stringent on content posted after the opportunity to earn has been taken away from the members.

I do not post to make money on MyLot. I have been there to learn and at the same time earn some money. My other motive was to promote my content, of course I promote them subtly which had gotten quite a good result. I do not like earning opportunities that are labor intensive which means you need to continuously do something to get paid.

I prefer residual income which means you only need to do something or rather post something once and you earn for the rest of your life. One good key example of residual income is article writing.



The New MyLot

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